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Depression can arise because of your genetics, environment, overall health, and many other factors that contribute to a low mood and loss of motivation. If you have depression, the experts at Live Life Wellness Clinic LLC in Houston, Texas, offer comprehensive mental health care to diagnose and treat you effectively. Call Live Life Wellness Clinic LLC or schedule an appointment online for depression care today.

Depression Q & A

How can I tell if I have depression?

Depression is a very common mental health condition causing persistent negative moods like hopelessness, sadness, and guilt. Many people with depression report losing interest in the activities they normally enjoy. 

Your performance in school or work may suffer as a result of your depression, and depression can make it hard to muster the motivation to get through each day.

There are many other possible signs and symptoms of depression, including:

  • Increased or decreased appetite
  • Sleeping too much or too little
  • Fatigue
  • Trouble concentrating and making decisions
  • Suicidal thoughts or actions

Live Life Wellness Clinic LLC offers a range of services and therapies to help you cope with depression and improve your symptoms. Depression commonly co-occurs with other mental health disorders or can appear alongside chronic pain. 

How is depression diagnosed?

An in-person or virtual telehealth evaluation can help your provider at Live Life Wellness Clinic LLC determine if you have depression and start planning effective treatments. 

The symptoms of depression can be similar to those of other conditions, so a detailed professional assessment is crucial for making an accurate diagnosis. 

A mental health evaluation consists of a review of your medical history and symptoms as well as a questionnaire about your symptoms and quality of life. 

To get a depression diagnosis, you must meet the diagnostic criteria according to your symptoms. Your symptoms must also last for at least two weeks and represent a distinct change compared to how you normally function. 

How is depression treated?

Live Life Wellness Clinic LLC helps you set goals within depression treatment that you can pursue during counseling sessions. 

The practice offers in-person and virtual options for individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and couples therapy. In therapy, you can work on developing a more positive outlook, increasing your motivation, and building your self-esteem. 

Many people who have depression also benefit from taking antidepressant medications, which regulate your mood by adjusting the chemical activity in your brain. Not everyone going through treatment for depression needs medications, but they can be a valuable tool. 

Live Life Wellness Clinic LLC also offers resource assistance to improve your overall quality of life, which might in turn improve your depression, too. This includes housing opportunities, social training, job training, and recreational activities. 

Schedule an appointment over the phone or online at Live Life Wellness Clinic LLC for depression evaluations and treatment today.